US Flag at half mast US Navy Flag at half mast USMC Flag at half mast POW-MIA Flag at half mast
1957 — 1959 1960 1961 — 1962

LT(jg) Vern G. "Gay" Helm

LT(jg) Richard M. Chase

ENS Paul V. Ford

AN Robert S. Henderson*

LT Richard W. McKee

LT(jg) Thomas F. Ries*

LT Jeffrey K. Stillman

ATC Donald R. Sand

AMH2 Buckley D. Price

LT(jg) Charles L. Berger*

LCDR Alan L. Emerson*

LT(jg) Gene E.Erickson

LT Robert S. Gershon

AA Daniel D. Johns

SHC Charles Mikosz

LT(jg) James H. Thacker


LCDR George H. Holloman

LT M. Roger Davis

AO1 Louis Klesalek

LT(jg) Paul D. Van Vleet

1963 — 1964 1965 — 1966 1966 — 1967

LT(jg) Alexander N. Anderson

Lt(jg) Bob Bengston

LT(jg) Daniel C. Cowhig

LT Terry E. Emery

RM3 Richard L Wesson, III

LCDR Donald Wayne Beard

LT(jg) Brian J. Cronin

ENS Ronald J. Fegan (1)

AE3 Richard H. Fox

PFC Loyd Hathaway

AN Albert K. Kuewa

LT(jg) Terrance M. Murphy (1)

LT(jg) William E. Swanson

MMFN Keith D. Wick

MM3 Chester Statun

(1) Shot down the first MiG of the Vietnam War

LCDR William M. Christensen

LCDR James J. Connell
   Navy Cross - Commendation

ABE3 Clark David Franklin

LCDR William D. Frawley

ENS Hal T. Hollingsworth

LT Gary Hopps
     DFC - Commendation

CAPT Hubert B. Loheed

LT(jg) Patrick H. Myers

LCDR Charles D. Schoonover

ABAN Douglas Thomas, Jr.

LT(jg) Patrick W. Wilkes

LCDR Donald J. Woloszyk

LCDR Walter S. Wood

FA Samuel T. Wilkinson

1967 1968 — 1969 1969 — 1970

AA Richard H. Hubbs

LCDR Michael E. Dunn (1)

LCDR Gerald L. Ramsden

LCDR Richard O'Connell

CDR John H. Weaver

LT(jg) David P. Neislar

CDR Norman E. Eidsmoe (1)

(1) The remains of CDREidsmoe (pilot) and LCDR Dunn (BN) were recovered in 1997 and 1998 from the site of their crash in North Vietnam.

A03 James F. Brennan, Jr.

LCDR Nicholas G. Brooks (1)

LCDR Richard F. Collins

LT Richard C. Deuter

LT Bruce C. Fryar

LT(jg) Rex L. Parcels, Jr.

LCDR Michael E. Quinn

SN Billy Lee Rogers

LT Terrence P. Ryan

LT Leonard J. Schoeppner

LT Richard C. Stephenson

PN2 Robert M. Ticen

(1) LCDR Brooks' remains were recovered in 1982. They were buried at sea by family request.

1970 — 1971 1972 — 1973 1974

SN A.C. Crain

LCDR Barton S. Creed

CDR Keith R.W. Curry

LT M.E. Joseph

LT Larry G. Lewis

LT(jg) Carleton P. Miller, Jr.

LCDR R.R. Renner

AQF2 William S. Stewart


MCBT Carroll Joseph Deuso

LT(jg) Anthony J. Piersanti Jr.

PO3 Clyde Chilton Owen

LT Meril Olen Mccoy Jr.

PO2 William Steven Stewart

PO3 John Frank Szlapa III

LT(jg) Keith A. Christophersen

LT James A. Duensing

LT(jg) Roy E. Haviland

SGT Aubrey E. Lyle

LCDR Charles L. Parker, Jr.

AT2 Richard D. Wiehr

LT Donald G. Allen

PHAN John D. Graham

AN Stephen Leeper

AT2 Danny Porter

PHAN Ronald F. St. John

AM3 Steven R. Sanchez

AOAN Antonio Segovia

LT(jg) Roger O. Woodring

1975 1978 1979

AEAN Terry Ray Collum

HTFN Donald Edwin McGavie

LT(jg) John R. Babione*

LCDR Clark Bruce*

BTFN F. Davenport

SH3 M. Degrate

AN Eddie Payne

MS3 D. Reed

1980 — 1981 1982 1983 — 1984

AC2 Edward L. Bennett

LCDR Lowell D. Clifton

LT William H. Marle

LCDR Thomas W. Morton

SN Howard Benjamin

LT Michael Brown

FN Jody Hietala

LT Frank Kertscher

LT David Pies

PHAN Mark Roth

YNSN Terry Smith

AE2 William Snider

PO2 Brian Watson

AMEAN Homer Z. Bravo

FN Paul R. Chappell, Jr.

FN Gregory W. Cochran

AQ2 Robert R. Hanna

MM1 Roy T. Johnston

HM3 Walter L. Mullins

AEAN Larry G. Schwab

MM3 Larry W. Stomner

BT3 Rick A. Teichert

MM3 Michael W. Williams

1985 — 1986 1987 1989

FR K. Boggs

AMS3 T. Graves

LCDR G. Poole

PN3 M. Sudney

ACAN T. Tyler

LT Fred "Fritz" Carozzo

LT Stephen J. Healy

QMSA David F. Hendrix

LT(jg) David J. Madison

ATAN Herbert M. Plath

LT Daniel C. Smith

LCDR Dennis J. Seipel

AN Curtiss B. Springs

FN Todd K. Unzueta

ACC Merle P. McClurg

  1991 1992

AMH3 Augustus H. "Gus" Buchanan

LT William Costan

LT Charles Turner

LT Arno L. Strasser

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By Ken B. Harper
Feb. 13, 2003

The battle now is over, The sailor breathes his last.
His friends and family gather, As the world just rolls on past.
For God, for cause, for country, This sailor gave his life.
With pride-with honor-with courage, He paid the highest price.
There'll be no call to arms, No putting on of gear,
No waiting for engagement, No more the taste of fear.
Six men bear him softly And lay him gently down.
He'll soon be covered over, And lie beneath the ground.
A folded flag for all to see, The price this sailor paid,
That keeps the fight for freedom Alive another day.
Some will say he's crazy To stand and fight and die.
And because they have no courage, They'll run away and hide.
But some are proud and willing To serve and give their all,
In glory they become monuments Or etched names on a wall.
So taps is played and rifles fired, Loved ones hearts are riven.
Both proud and sad, all do know This sailor's life was Given.

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