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Date Event
2-Aug-1954 Keel laid down for CVA-61, the 3rd Forrestal class aircraft carrier. Built at Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock, the cost would be $181,600,000.
29-Sep-1956 Christened by Mrs. Arthur W. Radford, wife of Chrm., JCS, CVA-61 is named USS Ranger after the 1777 Sloop-of-war first commanded by John Paul Jones.
10-Aug-1957 Commissioned : Norfolk Naval Shipyard
10-Aug-1957 Ship's patch insignia in color, THE GOLD BOOK 1985
10-Aug-1957 NHKG, Ship signal flag and radio call sign, Gray Eagle, issued by Navy
10-Aug-1957 New CO: Charles T. "Tommy" Booth, III, 1st CO Biography
10-Aug-1957 Pawlowski, Garth L. FLAT-TOPS AND FLEDGLINGS, book, p363
10-Aug-1957 Nickname : TOP GUN
10-Aug-1957 Homeport : Norfolk to 20 June 58
4-Oct-1957 to
Shakedown cruise, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba area
14-Oct-1957 1st landing, TF-1 piloted by CAPT Charles T. Booth II. 1st cat same plane
6-Dec-1957 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 1st foreign port call
5-Mar-1958 New CO: Paul E. Buie Biography
20-Jun-1958 to
1st cruise. Cape Horn. Norfolk to Alameda
20-Jun-1958 CVW-14 aboard. Tail code NK. CAG J.J. Davidson
20-Aug-1958 USS RANGER 1957 - 1958 CRUISE BOOK, (1st cruise book)
20-Aug-1958 Ports: Port of Spain, Rio., Callao, Valparaiso, Acapulco
20-Aug-1958 Homeport : Alameda to 1975
10-Nov-1958 Careless magazine explosion kills 2, off San Francisco
3-Jan-1959 to
1st WestPac cruise. Formosa straits, Japan visit
3-Jan-1959 CVW-14 embarked, Tail code NK
2-May-1959 President Garcia of Philippines visits ship at Subic Bay
23-May-1959 New CO: Noel A. Gayler Biography
19-Jun-1959 Imperial Japanese Family visit ship at Yokosuka
5-Jul-1959 China Extended Service Medal for Formosa Strait operation
5-Jul-1959 to
Deploys off Formosa to thwart Chinese attack
27-Jul-1959 Port calls: Hong Kong, Taipei, Sasebo,Tokyo, Yokohama, Yokosuka
6-Feb-1960 to
2nd WestPac cruise. 17,000 air wing flying hours
6-Feb-1960 CVW-9 embarked, Tail code NG
?-Jun-1960 to
Port call: Hong Kong in June and July
4-Jun-1960 New CO: Donald Gay, Jr. Biography
24-Jun-1960 Quemoy & Matsu, Armed Forces Expeditionary, June 24-25
5-May-1961 New CO: William N. Leonard Biography
11-Aug-1961 to
3rd WestPac cruise
11-Aug-1961 CVW-9 embarked, Tail code NG
7-May-1962 New CO: George C. Duncan Biography
Oct-1962 STORY OF A CARRIER PILOT sequences filmed. See 19-Oct-1962
19-Oct-1962 Late catapult sends F4-B flying under Golden Gate Bridge.
9-Nov-1962 to
4th WestPac. Okinawa, Hong Kong, Laos, Vietnam
9-Nov-1962 CVW-9 embarked, Tail code NG
5-Mar-1963 Yokosuka, Japan. Photo of F4, Phantom II catapulted while docked
5-Apr-1963 Boiler uptake explosion while going between Japanese ports
1-May-1963 to
Deploys from Japan to South China Sea for Laos unrest ops
4-May-1963 Armed Forces Expeditionary Service for Laos (S. China Sea)
16-May-1963 Japanese American Society enjoys 1 day Yokosuka cruise
20-May-1963 New CO: William E. Lemos Biography
7-Aug-1963 to
Larger flight deck during San Francisco NSY overhaul
28-May-1964 New CO: Alton B. Grimes Biography
5-Aug-1964 to
1st Vietnam war cruise. Record 59-day line duty
5-Aug-1964 CVW-9 embarked, Tail code NG
?-Sep-1964 Boiler explosion on Yankee Station. 51 days repair
19-Sep-1964 Armed Forces Expeditionary Service for Vietnam operations.
Feb-1965 4 CVs mass in Operation Candid Camera off Vietnam; USS Hornet (CVS-10), USS Hancock (CVA-19), USS Coral Sea (CVA-43), USS Ranger (CVA-61).
Mar-1965 Record 59 continuous days on Vietnam line station.
9-Mar-1965 General William Westmoreland holds conference on ship.
13-Apr-1965 A fire breaks out in #1MMR. There is one fatality, MM3 Chester Statun. (See logs)
6-May-1965 103 line days on 4 line periods with 3 planes lost in combat
6-May-1965 Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast
10-May-1965 New CO: Leo B. McCuddin Biography
13-May-1965 to
Major overhaul at San Francisco NSY
10-Dec-1965 to
2nd Vietnam cruise. 1st Haiphong raid, 90,000 miles
10-Dec-1965 CVW-14 embarked, Tail code NK
7-Jun-1966 New CO: William M. Harnish Biography
6-Aug-1966 Navy Unit Commendation for Vietnam duty from 10-Jan-1966
25-Aug-1966 137 line days on 5 line periods with 15 planes lost in combat
25-Aug-1966 Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast
30-Sep-1966 to
Comprehensive overhaul on Puget Sound NSY
20-Oct-1966 New CO: William T. Donnelly, Jr. Biography
0-Nov-1967 CVW-2 , Carrier air wing assigned, Tail code NE
4-Nov-1967 to
3rd Vietnam cruise. Korea coast patrol over USS Pueblo incident
Read ship's logs - November, December.
4-Nov-1967 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE
4-Nov-1967 Corsair II A-7A first major deployment by VA-147
3-Dec-1967 to
Meritorious Unit Commendation for Vietnam operations
21-Dec-1967 Bob Hope's Christmas show entertains ship off Vietnam
23-Jan-1968 Armed Forces Expeditionary Service for North Korea ops
23-Jan-1968 Deploys to North Korea area after USS Pueblo capture
27-Mar-1968 New CO: William H. Livingston Biography
5-May-1968 Port call : Hong Kong prior to sailing home
25-May-1968 88 line days on 4 line periods with 4 planes lost in combat
25-May-1968 Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast
26-Oct-1968 Fiberglass horse used to "gallop" on deck at departure, William Tell Overture played
26-Oct-1968 to
4th Vietnam cruise. EC-121 crisis near Korea, Yellow Sea
26-Oct-1968 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE
Apr-1969 Korea AF Expeditionary Service with Task Force 71
20-Apr-1969 to
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal service dates for Korean action
20-Apr-1969 Deploys Sea of Japan after Koreans down Navy EC-121 plane. 31 on board the plane. No survivors. Two bodies recovered by Russian destroyer.
May-1969 Navy Unit Commendation for Vietnam duty from Nov-1968
17-May-1969 91 line days on 5 line periods with no planes lost in combat
17-May-1969 Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast
28-Jun-1969 New CO: John P. Moorer Biography
14-Oct-1969 to
5th Vietnam war cruise, 114 line days; Korea, 6 days.
Read ship's logs - October.
14-Oct-1969 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE
24-Dec-1969 Bob Hope's Christmas tour comes aboard and spends the night.
Jan-1970 Korea AF Expeditionary Service with Task Force 71
6-Apr-1970 to
Korea Expeditionary Service with Task Force 71
May-1970 Meritorious Unit Commendation for Vietnam ops 27-Oct-1969 to 10-May-1970
1-Jun-1970 103 line days on 5 line periods with 4 planes lost in combat
1-Jun-1970 Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast
20-Jun-1970 New CO: Joseph L. Coleman Biography
27-Oct-1970 to
6th Vietnam war cruise. 123 line days
27-Oct-1970 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE
Jun-1971 Meritorious Unit Commendation for Vietnam ops 18-Nov-1970 to 10-Jun-1971
17-Jun-1971 123 line days on 5 line periods with 3 planes lost in combat
17-Jun-1971 Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast
Aug-1971 to
Special overhaul Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard San Francisco. Estimated dates.
3-Sep-1971 New CO: Henry "Hank" P. Glindeman, Jr. Biography
18-Jul-1972 Sabotage of engine during routine sea duty, $250,000
16-Nov-1972 to
7th Vietnam war cruise. 120 line days
16-Nov-1972 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE
29-Jan-1973 Begins air ops at request of Laotian government
21-May-1973 New CO: Allen E. "Boot" Hill Biography
22-Jun-1973 120 line days on 6 line periods with 1 plane lost in combat
23-Jun-1973 Vietnam Service Medal awarded for combat ops off coast
7-May-1974 to
8th WestPac cruise. Gulf of Tonkin, Hong Kong
7-May-1974 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE
22-Jul-1974 1123 hours - HS-3G aircraft, bureau No. 148034, of HC-1 Det. 4, crashed into the sea approximately 2000 yards off of the starboard quarter at 14-17.3'N 119-31.7'E and sank in 1300 fathoms. Personnel on board included the pilot LT D.G. Allen, o-pilot LT(jg) R.O. Woodring, crewmembers AT2 D.E. Porter, AMS3 S.R. Sanchez, PHAN J.D. Graham, and PHAN R.F. St. John. All 6 of these names are on the Memorial Page.
22-Nov-1974 New CO: John L. Nicholson, Jr. Biography
1975 Final homeport : North Island, CA
1-Mar-1975 Homeport to decommissioning: San Diego. FPO AP 96633-2750
30-Jun-1975 Designated CV-61, All-purpose carrier
30-Jan-1976 to
13th WestPac cruise. Kenya coast ops, Indian Ocean
30-Jan-1976 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE
30-Jan-1976 Portion of WestPac cruise spent in Indian Ocean ops, exits 4-Aug
May-1976 Humanitarian Service Medal for Kenya assistance ops 25-May-1976 to 1-Jun-1976
7-Jul-1976 Left Singapore and crossed the line (see A day in Ranger's life).
12-Jul-1976 Deploys to Kenya coast to counter Uganda invasion threat
17-Sep-1976 New CO: Douglas R. McCrimmon Biography
9-Feb-1977 to
Comprehensive overhaul at Puget Sound NSY
17-Jun-1978 New CO: Thomas G. Moore Biography
15-Jan-1979 200,000 tailhook, Hawkeye E-2B, VAW-117 off California
21-Feb-1979 to
14th WestPac cruise. South China Sea collision
21-Feb-1979 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE, CAG CDR Ray. C. Schroeder
5-Apr-1979 Bow collision with Liberian tanker FORTUNE near Singapore
22-May-1979 CO Thomas G. Moore, relieved after collision on April 5
font face="Times New Roman" color=black>22-May-1979 Exec. Officer, Capt. Van F. Westfall assumes duties as acting CO Biography
28-May-1979 New CO: Roger E. Box Biography
3-Jun-1980 High ranking Chinese delegation observe flight operations
10-Sep-1980 to
15th WestPac cruise. Arabian Sea, hostage help
10-Sep-1980 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE
Oct-1980 Humanitarian Service Medal during Iran Hostage crisis 20-Mar-1981 to Undetermined
20-Oct-1980 New CO: Daniel A. Pedersen Biography
YouTube video about Top Gun Fighter School with some comments by Capt. Pederson who was one of the founders View
31-Oct-1980 to
139 days of WestPac spent in Indian Ocean ops
Nov-1980 Gives support to Iran hostage crisis in No. Arabian Sea
28-Dec-1980 Ranger Crosses the Line at 45° 00" E. King Neptune and his court initiate the polywogs as Shellbacks.
5-May-1981 Port calls: Thailand, Colombo, Hong Kong
6-Aug-1981 Fire in Pri-Fly area while at San Diego dock
30-Oct-1981 to
Port call to Vancouver, British Columbia
7-Apr-1982 to
16th WestPac cruise. Indian Ocean operations
7-Apr-1982 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE
7-Apr-1982 Portion of WestPac cruise spent in Indian Ocean ops
26-May-1982 Port calls: Singapore (5/26; Perth, Australia (Sep 4-10)
11-Jun-1982 New CO: Anthony A. Less Biography
5-Mar-1983 Queen Elizabeth visits ship in San Diego
8-Jul-1983 New CO: Arthur H. Fredrickson Biography
15-Jul-1983 to
17th WestPac. Nicaragua crisis, Arabian Sea
15-Jul-1983 CVW-9 embarked, Tail code NG
15-Jul-1983 Portion of WestPac cruise spent in Indian Ocean ops
18-Jul-1983 Collision with oiler WICHITA nr Nicaragua costs $671,854
1-Aug-1983 Aug 83: Newsweek cover photo tells of Nicaragua deployment
18-Aug-1983 Crewman blown overboard by jet exhaust off Nicaragua
Oct-1983 to
No. Arabian Sea. Counters Iran halting oil tankers in Persian Gulf
1-Nov-1983 6 die, 35 injured in engine room blaze in Arabian Gulf
1-Jan-1984 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders entertain for New Years Eve
Feb-1984 CO Arthur Fredrickson reprimanded for July 1983 collision
29-Feb-1984 Record conventional 121-days at sea tour while in Indian Ocean
15-Apr-1984 to
Complex overhaul at Puget Sound NSY
1-Jun-1985 Combat systems and catapult specifications to date.WI-185
26-Jun-1985 New CO: Walter J. Davis, Jr. Biography
Jan-1986 Scheduled to train CVWR-30 off California coast Jan. '86
18-Aug-1986 to
18th WestPac cruise. Japan Sea, Bering Sea ops. 51,000 miles
18-Aug-1986 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE
18-Aug-1986 to
RimPac 86 ops in NorPac ops
20-Oct-1986 Port calls: Pusan, Korea; Vancouver, BC
1987 Spellout : WE THE PEOPLE , constitution bicentennial. Photo in file
2-Mar-1987 to
NorPac Ops. Team Spirit `87 . Takes place of `unsafe' MIDWAY
8-Mar-1987 New CO: Donald W. Baird Biography
14-Jul-1987 to
19th WestPac cruise . North Arabian Sea ops
14-Jul-1987 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE
14-Jul-1987 Portion of WestPac cruise in Indian Ocean ops
30-Dec-1987 Iran Navy Expeditionary Medal during reflagged tanker ops 30-Oct-1980 to 12-Mar-1981
30-Dec-1987 Supports reflagged Kuwaiti tankers in Persian Gulf, Opn Nimble Archer
31-Dec-1987 Earns Navy Battle "E" Pacific for CY 1987
Jan-1988 680509 : Meritorious Unit Commendation for 1-May-1986 to 31-Jan-1988
Jul-1988 Refresher Training off CA coast. Ops defend against USAF
8-Jul-1988 New CO: Robert P. Hickey Biography
24-Feb-1989 to
20th WestPac cruise. Indian Ocean, Australia
24-Feb-1989 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE. CAG Christoper Wilson. HOOK Fa 89
24-Feb-1989 Portion of WestPac cruise spent in Indian Ocean
15-Apr-1989 Ranger Crosses the Line at 88° E. King Neptune and his court initiate the polywogs as Shellbacks.
29-Jun-1989 Port call : Fremantle, Australia
Aug-1989 680509 : Meritorious Unit Commendation for 18-Jul-1988 to 24 Aug-1989
3-Aug-1989 Rescues 39 Vietnam refugees off barge off Philippines
24-Aug-1989 Port calls: Hong Kong, Singapore, Phattaya, Australia, Diego Garcia, Phil.
Sep-1989 San Francisco for Fleet Week ' 89, Date estimate
13-Feb-1990 New CO: Ernest E. Christensen, Jr. Biography
8-Dec-1990 to
Iraq war cruise. Persian Gulf operations
8-Dec-1990 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE, CAG Jay A. Campbell, "Rabbit"
8-Dec-1990 Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean ops during Iraq war cruise
20-Dec-1990 Port call : Subic Bay for 5 days enroute to Persian Gulf. Date estimate
13-Jan-1991 3 Southwest Asia Service awards, Shield/Storm/Cease-Fire
17-Jan-1991 910207 : Southwest Asia Service Medal for combat ops against Iraq
Feb-1991 Navy Unit Commendation for Iraq duty Jan-1991 thru Feb-1991
Mar-1991 Used 4,229,200 lbs (2114.6 tons) of ordnance during Iraqi War flying 4,253 sorties
Mar-1991 4-CV formation in Persian Gulf; USS Midway (CV-41), USS America (CV-66), USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), USS Ranger (CV-61)
27-Mar-1991 Charge 2 crew of pro-Iraqi sabotage, mutiny try. Trial set
27-Apr-1991 Ranger Crosses the Line at 104° E. King Neptune and his court initiate the polywogs as Shellbacks.
26-Jul-1991 CAG CVW-2, CAPT Donald C. Brown relieved Jay A. Campbell. At North Island.
21-Aug-1991 ACSG has list and photos of Commanding Officers.
21-Aug-1991 New CO: Dennis V. McGinn, Last CO Biography
31-Dec-1991 Earns Navy Battle "E" Pacific for 1991
17-Mar-1992 VP Daniel Quayle visits ship at North Island NAS
21-Apr-1992 2 vintage B-25 bombers launched to fete 1942 Doolittle Tokyo raid. Off CA
5-Jun-1992 Port call : Vancouver, BC
1-Aug-1992 to
22nd WestPac. Persian Gulf Opn Southern Watch. Somalia ops
1-Aug-1992 CVW-2 embarked, Tail code NE. CAG Donald C. Brown.
15-Sep-1992 Southwest Asia Service Medal, Iraq truce surveillance to Dec 92
15-Sep-1992 Relieves USS Independence (CV-62) in Persian Gulf, Operation Southern Watch
6-Oct-1992 Port call : Abu Dhabi, U.A. E.
7-Dec-1992 Somalia ops. Armed Forces Expeditionary Service 7-Dec-1992 to 15-Dec-1992
7-Dec-1992 921219 : Supports Somalia USMC landing, Operation Restore Hope
29-Dec-1992 Port calls: Fremantle, Australia, leaves. Other port: Sydney
29-Dec-1992 Port calls: Yokosuka, Pusan, Hong Kong, Pearl Harbor
31-Dec-1992 Earns Navy Battle "E" Pacific for 1992, 3rd award
31-Jan-1993 Spellout: "RANGER'S LAST RIDE"
11-Mar-1993 Last arrested trap, F14-A, career total 330,683.
10-Jul-1993 Steven Hill TOP GUN OF THE PACIFIC FLEET. NavAvNews 09-93 p10
10-Jul-1993 Final decommissioning at North Island NAS. Speaker, ADM Robert J. Kelly
20-Jul-1993 Towed to Long Beach NSY for deactivation period.
25-Sep-1994 Left by tug to Puget Sound, Washington
9-Oct-1994 Laid up with care, in the reserve fleet
17-Nov-1994 Stored at Pier E, West, bow in at Puget Sound. Considered a Navy Asset.
20-Apr-1999 Chuck Vore built and established this website!
1-Jan-2001 Change of webmaster: webmaster Ken Estes
1-Jan-2002 USS Ranger maintained very good condition, Navy Asset NAVSEA
20-Jul-2002 Corrections to History by M. Marich CAPT, USNR, Ret.
1-Jan-2004 NAVSEA removes Ranger from Mobile Asset (first step to Ships Donation status)
22-Mar-2004 Dept of Navy announces Notice of Availability for Donation (Donation Hold Status)
14-Nov-2004 Corrections to History by Rangerman Robert E. Boyes 1980/81 Cruise
15-Feb-2005 Foundation formed Portland Steering Committee to bring Ranger to Portland OR.
26-Aug-2005 Vice Admiral Walter P. Davis assumed Chairmanship of the USS Ranger Museum Foundation.
1-Jan-2006 Portland Steering Committee in full operation. Sub-set under the authority of the BOD, USS Ranger Museum Foundation. The goal: encourage local support.
17-Aug-2007 USS Ranger Reunion Association held their annual meeting in Portland to support the continued efforts to save the Ranger. Very well received, great local press.
20-Jan-2008 Foundation Website: http://www.ussranger.org has received a face lift to reflect the dynamics of the effort to save Ranger. Very Positive Marketing Study for Ranger in Portland completed. Encouragement of efforts received!
1-Mar-2009 New webmaster for USS Ranger History & Memorial site, John Slaughter, takes over. Begins re-design of the site
26-Sep-2012 Donation hold removed from Foundation. Ranger placed on list to be dismantled.

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