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Welcome aboard the USS Ranger (CVA/CV-61) History and Memorial Website. This site is dedicated to maintaining the history USS Ranger and a memorial for those whose lives were lost while serving on board her. On this site you will find not only interesting photographs of Ranger, her crew and aircraft but a wide assortment of facts and information about Ranger and her predecessors.

All information on the site has been provided by someone! If you find something is inaccurate or a record that is not complete, please e-mail the deck boss!

We have purchased some really great bumper and window stickers. You can check these out on the Small Stores page.

We are also buying some baseball hats. They will be similar to those you have seen around the web. The ship is being redone so that it looks better. The 61 will be on the side of the island. The hangar bay doors will be visible. The hats should be available by the end of August.

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This reproduction of a painting of Ranger on Yankee Station is really fantastic. The full size picture is 22"x19". The detail is so good you can tell all aircraft types. You can even read the BuNo on one of the Whales just aft of the island. The foreground destroyer is USS Eversole (DD-789). The background cruiser is USS Truxton (CGN-35).
Three now in stock.
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On 8 Oct 2013 notice was received that the name of MM3 Chester Statun will be added to those on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall during the Memorial Day 2014 ceremonies. Statun was killed in a fire in #1MMR on 13 Apr 1965. Ranger was involved in flight operations on Yankee Station at the time of the fire. Through someone remembering a fire, I found the information and submitted this to Naval Personnel Command who investigated and submitted their report to DOD. I can not tell you how great it was when I contacted Statun's sister to inform her. This is, without a doubt, one of the absolute highlights of my life. John Slaughter.

Grande Island Map. This picture is from the 1970-'71 cruise book. Unfortuneately, it was taken at something of an oblique angle and the legend on the right is not readable. Does anyone have a good picture? Evem multiple pics that I can put together will work.

A new feature that is being added to the Operation History page, are transcriptions of Ranger's logs. This is going to be a very slow process. It is rather time consuming to transcribe the original logs into an easily read format. The first of these done is October 1969. Also, it is a bit costly. The logs are in the hands of the National Archives. It costs 80 cents per page for copies. Generally, this will mean about $50 for each month of the logs. There will be a Ship's Store page in the near future. There will be a link for making donations. Any donation specifically marked for ship's logs will be used specifically for that purpose.

John and Carol Guy have possibly the largest collections of photos of Ranger and her men on the internet. We encourage you to visit their site and to support them.

We have the entire set of Ranger's cruise books are are working on scanning them to make them available to you on CD. DVD will be coming later. The cruise books are in PDF format and appear just as if you had the book in front of you. Thirteen of them are ready to purchase. If your's isn't available, write John to request your book be done.

Lying quietly alongside her sisters, Independence, Kitty Hawk and Constellation, Ranger awaits her fate.
Our ship is silent. She was our home for a period of time. She took us to many interesting places over the years. She took us to some places we'd rather forget. Some of our crewmates and friends did not return. This site is a memorial to all who served USS Ranger (CVA/CV-61).

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